5 Bouncemasters! Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Penguins need love, too!
Bouncemasters! is a game that’s all about bringing one particular arctic bird to his soon-to-be lover. Only problem is is that she’s pretty darn far. And the only way to reach her is by flying all the way to her far-off location. Penguins can’t fly, you say? That’s a fact! But as a super “cool” polar bear with a mean swinging arm, you’ll send that penguin flying as far as you can towards his love. This tips guide should give you all the ammo you need in order to fulfill that goal.
Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Bouncemasters!:
Download the Bouncemasters! APK here.

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1. The Best Methods Towards Hitting Farther and Gaining More Rewards
• Smacking that love-struck penguin with your bat as far as you can accomplishes a few goals – getting you a new high score, hitting the distance traveled limit in order to reach new leagues, and acquiring the many rewards that litter the sky and snow. So once you you tap the screen in order to bring the penguin down to you, be sure to smack it as soon as it gets near your bat swinging bear. Don’t wait until the penguin falls within the vicinity of the bear’s mid-section. Your swing won’t hit as hard if you mistime your tap in this manner.
• A home run hit will send your penguin far into space, while a moderate hit will usually keep him within the show-covered skies of the game’s main locale. Once you find yourself closer to the ground, keep an eye out for big and small walruses. They aid you by sending your penguin farther across the map as he bounces off their stomachs. You can also bounce off the tummy of other animals, the top of a certain frozen Bowmasters character, and slam into a snowman that transforms your penguin into a traveling snowball. And finally, keep an eye out for collectible chests, coins, and gems. Sometimes it’s best if you end one of your penguin’s sky travel runs by picking up a chest.

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2. The Proper Upgrade Priority Order
• One type of currency that’s easy to come by is coins. You can earn them for free simply by collecting them during main gameplay sessions, plus they’re given to you when you log off the game and make your return. You’ll mainly spend them on upgrading four different abilities – Power (get stronger), Max Speed (fly faster), Rebound (bounce more), and Beat Force (launch better). You should stick to this upgrade priority order if you want to maximize your polar bear and penguin’s potential – Beat Force, Power, Rebound, and Max Speed.

3. So There’s Different Types of Bats?
• Yep! Your polar bear can equip new types of bats that not only look cool, but also provide some much-needed boosts. The pink gems you acquire are mainly spent on bats, so you should definitely go out of your way to snap them up as soon as you spot ’em. As you enter new leagues and fly even farther, you’ll come across even more collectible gems. Now it’s actually worth purchasing a VIP membership since it awards you with 100 gems on a daily basis. Through that method, you’ll have more than enough gems to acquire a new bat on the regular. By the way, make sure you subscribe to Bouncemasters’ Instagram page so you can pick up 50 free gems.

4. Always Complete Your Assigned Daily Missions
• You should always pay a quick visit to the Daily Missions tab every day you log in. Completing any of those everyday missions means you’ll be gifted with a huge offering of coins. Completing every one of the Daily Missions nets you an extra reward too, so it’s always worth getting that gift before you log off.

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5. Video Advertisements are Your Best Friend
• It’s always best if you play Bouncemasters! online. That way, you can use the presence of video advertisements to your advantage. Sitting through the abundance of video ad’s this game features means you’ll get access to two cool quirks – a huge increase in acquired coins and free upgrades.
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