Google’s Pixel phones may still be carving out their niche in the smartphone market but they are poised to gain significant headway in the Android phone market in 2018. If you are one of the many people pre-ordering their new flagship phone, then you’ve come to the right place to find the best Pixel 3 cases.
With a launch price of $799, the Pixel 3 is packed with premium features. This compact phone sports a much-improved 5.5-inch OLED screen and what Google claims to be the best smartphone camera to come out this year. Whether this claim is substantiated or not, this is certainly a device you’ll want to protect from drops and scratches.
To make this process easier, we’ve highlighted some of the best protective phone cases from the top phone accessory brands. These cases are designed to disperse shock and resist scratches on all sides of your phone – even your screen.