Antonio Brown and his girlfriend, Chelsie Kyriss, were on a boat back in September, and Kyriss shared a photo of her and her man with the city lights behind them. In the photo, Kyriss is wearing a pair of bikini bottoms along with a long-sleeved white sweater.
“Birthday Weekend Vibes,” she captioned the picture. The two are looking at one another, smiling, as Kyriss rests her hand on Brown’s shirtless abs. You can see the photo below.

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Brown and Kyriss share three children together. They welcomed Autonomy in 2014 and Ali the following year. Kyriss gave birth to their son, Apollo, on August 1, 2017. The two broke up for a period of time in 2017 — whilst Kyriss was pregnant with Apollo. Brown dated Instagram model Jena Frumes before deciding to get back together with Kyriss, just in time for the birth of their newest baby boy. The two have since rekindled their love and appear to be getting along well. 

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Wednesday October 31, 2018

Nhận định AC Milan vs Genoa, 02h30 ngày 01/11, vòng 1 giải VĐQG Italia. Trận đấu khó khăn cho AC Milan. Sau thất bại ở derby, Milan đã lấy lại niềm vui thắng trận với chiến thắng 3-2 trước Sampdoria. Đây là chiến thắng thứ 3 trong 4 vòng đấu gần nhất của thầy trò Gattuso. Nhờ đó, họ […]

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Kyriss often attends Steelers games with the couple’s kids. In fact, just yesterday she posted a photo of new Steelers hoodies that she received for her kids.
Interestingly, back in June, Brown (who has two other children from past relationships) posted a PSA to Kyriss, calling her out for not taking care of her two older children, Kellen and Brooklyn. You can read the post below, courtesy of Sports Gossip.
“PSA: With all due [respect] any friends who consider @chelsie a friend should honestly help her vastly! She has two older kids Kellen Green 9; Brooklyn Green 7; she hasn’t seen or claimed in 4 years running around chasing me! Her Mom Lynn Kyriss and Todd Kyriss cannot get ahold of her In regards [to] holding her accountable to her kids her family! Let’s not the internet confuse people upon her responsibility to her kids! I ask that if you are her friend encourage her to take care all her kids not just mine and be a woman we know she capable of! So we clear she’s my baby mama! Shameika; Trice; Chelsie All mothers of my kids love y’all let’s be mothers to all ours not matter who I am. #MothersMatter#BeHonest #DontLie #Be100 #SoWeClear,” he captioned an Instagram photo. It appears as though the picture — and message — have since been deleted.
No further details on what might have prompted this message were made available.
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