Did anybody really expect the Boston Celtics to struggle as much as they did at the beginning of the season? Actually, here’s a better question. Did anybody expect the Boston Celtics to stay down and never get back to hitting their stride? Remember, this is the team that was one series win away from the NBA Finals last year. There’s no possible way you could think the same exact team would fall off that quickly. Especially when they ended up gaining Kyrie Irving back into the mix for 2018.
Nobody can pinpoint what happened early on. The Celtics came into the 2018 NBA season with some much hope. After being eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals, only one thing needed to happen in order to make the Celtics the top dogs of the East. LeBron James had to leave and go to the Western Conference. He did, and just like that, the Celtics were crowned as offseason champs. There’s only one problem though – They didn’t come prepared to back up all of that confidence from everybody in the offseason.
Before hitting a four-game win streak, the Celtics were sitting uncomfortably with an overall record of 10-10. Meanwhile, other teams above them in the East clearly surpassed the supposed powerhouse of the conference. Last week, the Celtics were the laughing stock of the East. This week, they must be taken a little bit more seriously by teams that they are coming for. And believe me when I say that they are coming.
Kyrie Irving Issues a Warning

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“I still remember certain players on other teams asking us what's going on with us when we were 10-10. So yeah, keep that same energy." pic.twitter.com/bJXEfNHxoW
— Chris Grenham (@chrisgrenham) December 7, 2018

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On Thursday night, the Celtics had a rematch with the New York Knicks. Ironically enough, the Knicks were a team that the Celtics should’ve beaten before, but they ended up taking an embarrassing loss, which every non-Celtics fan got a kick out of. Maybe that’s where Kyrie Irving started taking down notes on who was questioning Boston’s future. No matter where it started though, it sounds like Irving is surely feeling confident enough to back it up.
Not only did the Celtics get their much-needed revenge against the Knicks on Thursday night, but they straight up dominated them. Boston held New York to just 100 points, while the Celtics put up 128 on them. Kyrie Irving has been preaching to his teammates that they should be having fun dominating, and by the looks of the score on Thursday, everybody was most likely having a blast.
Thursday’s win for Boston became the fourth consecutive victory for the team. Now, they advance to a 14-10 record and climb up into sixth place. They are still a significant six games away from first place, which is where the Celtics feel like they belong, but at this point, they are still taking baby steps. So far, it has been an excellent start to a new beginning. Now, other teams with smack-talkers that questioned the Celtics just need to beware when the C’s come around. Because it’s not going to be pretty if they made Kyrie Irving’s revenge list.