Lacuna Coil is aiming to release a new album in 2019, although frontwoman  Cristina Scabbia said in an interview that the band hasn’t finished any songs for the album just yet.
During an interview with Metal Wani, Scabbia said that Lacuna Coil has a vision for a new album in 2019, but that that the band is heavily touring right now, so they want to take their time writing new material.
“We are starting to work on a new record, even though, I have to say, there are no songs ready at all. Because our head right now is in tour mode, and to work on the book and the DVD, it required so much time that we honestly didn’t focus properly on the songwriting.
So as soon as we’ll be back home after the Euro tour that we are approaching, we will focus on the songwriting, and then the thing will be real. But so far, we didn’t really have a lot of time and, most of all, the right mindset to compose new music. And we want to do it in a very serious way and in a way that we know that we can produce good stuff. But soon. We’re planning a new record for next year. Hopefully we’ll make it.”
Check out the full interview below:

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Scabbia also said that she isn’t worried about digital music sales declining, and has full faith that Lacuna Coil will survive regardless of the music industry inching closer to an “access-over-ownership” model.
“I’m not concerned, because I think it’s an evolution,” she explained. “I think it will be constantly transforming, but I don’t see it disappearing. Because when I think about the last 20 years, for example, we started with cassettes —we started with a promo cassette that, of course, is not existing anymore. And I remember when CDs came out, everybody was, like, ‘Oh, that will never work. Oh my God! Oh my God! How are we gonna do without cassettes?’ Then CDs took over. Then, when the CD wasn’t working anymore that well and everybody was talking about streaming, everybody was shaming streaming and MP3s, because, ‘Oh my God! What’s gonna happen?’”
She continued: “Things are changing. We just have to hold hands with the future, because it’s happening — it doesn’t really matter. Music will be present, because people need music — people need to listen to music — so it will not be something that will die. Maybe it will only change the way it’s presented, the way it’s broadcasted, the way it’s produced. But I don’t see music going anywhere.”
The band is releasing their first-ever book titled Nothing Stands in Our Way on November 28. A live CD/DVD set, The 119 Show – Live In London, will be available for purchase on November 9 through Century Media.
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