Jabari Parker might not be bench-ridden for long.
A number of teams are speaking to the Chicago Bulls about a potential trade for the 23-year-old forward, the Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson reported Friday, citing sources.

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Bulls have engaged in talks with several teams regarding Jabari Parker, per sources. There’s considerable interest in Parker the player. Finding right fit financially is next.
— K.C. Johnson (@KCJHoop) December 14, 2018

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Parker joined his hometown Bulls last offseason on a two-year $40 million contract with the expectation he’d be their sixth man, but things haven’t gone to plan. The Bulls fired coach Fred Hoiberg on Dec. 1 and promoted Jim Boylen as his replacement.
Boylen has decided to drop Parker from his regular rotation, ESPN’s Malika Andrews reported Thursday, citing sources. Parker said in response he expects his role will diminish temporarily, but that might not be the case.
Parker’s averages of 15.8 points and 7.1 rebounds per game are second on the team but his playing style doesn’t fit Boylen’s desired structure. An exit via trade seems more likely to happen than him returning to prominence with the Bulls. Chicago’s and the NBA’s other cap-ologists just need to be creative enough to make it happen.