Princess Eugenie’s wedding dress showed off her surgical scar from scoliosis she suffered as a child. The dress was designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos. The princess married Casamigost tequila ambassador Jack Brooksbank at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in London on October 12. An official statement from the Royal Family said, “The low back feature was at the specific request of Princess Eugenie who had surgery aged 12 to correct scoliosis. The fabric includes a number of symbols that are meaningful to the Princess: the symbols are a Thistle for Scotland acknowledging the couple’s fondness for Balmoral; a Shamrock for Ireland as a reflection of the Bride’s maternal family; the York Rose; and ivy representing the couple’s home.”

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Wednesday October 24, 2018

Nhận định Barcelona vs Inter Milan, 02h00 ngày 25/10, vòng bảng UEFA Champions League. Chấn thương của Messi sẽ ảnh hưởng đến Barca nhưng trên sân nhà hứa hẹn họ sẽ thắng. Bảng B Champions League năm nay chứng kiến sự vượt trội của Barcelona và Inter Milan. Sau 2 lượt trận, các đội này thu […]

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Speaking to the London Evening Standard a week before the nuptials, Eugenie’s mother, Sarah Ferguson, said that the princess had invited the surgeon who performed her spinal operation to the wedding. Spinal surgeon Jan Lehovsky was among the 800 or so attendees at the October 12 celebrations. Fergie told the Standard, “The wedding is about love, future and inclusivity… What a huge, huge day for health, for the NHS, for the RNOH, and for hope. This is why the wedding is so beautiful – it’s hope for other children suffering from scoliosis. They are a most extraordinary team at the RNOH. Eugenie stands straight because of the most extraordinary work of the RNOH, because of Jan’s work and Tim Briggs.” Eugenie was also under the care of Prof. Tim Briggs when she was being treated for her condition. A statement from the Royal Family said that the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital’s charitable representatives were present at the wedding.

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Tuesday October 16, 2018

Theo dõi nhận định – soi kèo trận đấu giữa hai đội bóng Pháp vs Đức, có thời điểm khởi tranh là 01h45 ngày 17/10. Thấy được rằng ông Joachim Loew ngồi ghế HLV trưởng ĐT Đức quá lâu. Cỗ xe tăng xập xệ đã không còn niên hạn bảo dưỡng. Khó khăn trước mắt của tuyển Đức […]

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Princess Eugenie was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 12 and was treated at the Royan National Orthopaedic Hospital where she had corrective surgery on her curved spine.
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