Sam and Daniel on ‘Are You the One’

Tonight, Asia will try and dismantle Sam’s relationship with Daniel on a new episode of Are You the One.
Last week, Daniel and Sam sat down for a serious conversation, during which Daniel explained he was worried the two weren’t a match. “To be honest, I don’t think we’re the perfect match,” he told a surprised Sam. “I had an ex just like you… and you had an ex just like me,” he said.
Daniel went on to tell cameras that he thought it would be best for the show, and everyone in the house, if he tried to find another match. He did admit that it would hurt him, but said that it’s possible that he and Sam haven’t been one of the four beams that keep lighting up each week. “It’s about using my heart and my head to get to the bottom of this,” he said.

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That’s about when Sam retorted, “You guys are dummies!” She then tells cameras that playing ‘strategies’ hasn’t worked for the house. “If we lose and you and I end up being a match, I will hate the fu***** sh** out of you,” she says.
What do we know about Daniel? He’s a lifeguard and is definitely the jealous type. Sam, meanwhile, is driven and a manager of three clubs in Chicago. Her bio on MTV reads, “Unsurprisingly, Samantha is looking for a man who can match her ambition, but everyone seems to fall short. Furthermore, her blunt and down-to-business manner of dating leaves little room for romance and leaves her dates feeling more like an interview.”
Now that they’re getting down to the wire on the show, the pressure is certainly on. Things came to a head between Brett and Nutsa last week– the two have been back and forth for a while now. Last week, Brett told cameras that she was clearly putting more into the relationship than him. “And for some reason, I’m not doing the same. I can just have a physical fun little connection but nothing deep, and I won’t even care if it ends or breaks off.” Brett ended up telling Nutsa that he wanted to match with Bria at the upcoming ceremony.
The next day, however, he took back his word, and told Nutsa, “I think you’re great — I think it’s me getting in my own way a lot of times with things.” The two finished up the conversation by sharing a kiss with one another. Are the two a perfect match? Find out on tonight’s episode of Are You the One.

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