Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo has quickly emerged as one of the more talented young guards in the NBA. Although the 26-year-old has jumped around a bit in his career, moving from the Orlando Magic to the Oklahoma City Thunder and finally the Pacers, he’s come into his own as of late. The 2017-18 season was the best of Oladipo’s career, as he averaged 23.1 points and won the NBA’s Most Improved Player award.
While Oladipo’s impressive season was complete with an All-Star appearance and being named to the All-NBA Third Team, his life off the court has been mostly under wraps. It’s apparent the Pacers guard doesn’t let his love life get out into the public all that much, which means there’s a fair amount of speculation.
Interestingly, most of the speculation has featured just one person and it’s lasted for an extended period. Let’s take a look at the rumblings surrounding Oladipo’s dating life and potential girlfriend, Bria Myles.

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Are Victor Oladipo and Bria Myles Dating?
The connection of Oladipo to Myles began when Bossip linked the two back in December of 2017. It was slightly tough to gauge whether or not all the stars aligned and these two were actually together, but it made sense at the time.
As Player Wives cited, a string of not-so-random events points to Oladipo and Myles at least having some type of connection. It began when Player Wives revealed she called the Pacers guard “Bae” on social media, in a post which has since been deleted. This happened on December 9, just prior to the two being linked.
The very next day is when things ramped up, as Myles posted the following photo of herself on Instagram at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, where the Pacers play.

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In somewhat of a surprising twist, there’s been nothing from either side since that point. Even taking it one step further, nothing has been mentioned of Oladipo’s love life outside of Myles for the most part.
When evaluating Oladipo’s Instagram account, he’s primarily kept it basketball related. This, of course, doesn’t mean he’s not dating, but it does mean that he’s not overly interested in making his love life public at the moment.
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