What’s Still On Mueller’s To-Do List?

As the summer drew to a close, Labor Day attained almost mythic status for followers of the Mueller investigation. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani repeatedly claimed that the Mueller probe, which is looking into Russian interference in the 2016 election, was poised to wrap up by the beginning of September. Others breathlessly predicted that indictments of […]

Just About Everyone In Florida Has Already Decided Who To Vote For

Welcome to Pollapalooza, our weekly polling roundup. Poll of the week New Quinnipiac University polls of the gubernatorial and Senate races in Florida found that both are neck and neck, with voters almost evenly split between the Democratic and Republican candidates. That’s not all that surprising in a perpetual swing state like Florida. But here’s […]

Why Democrats Were Willing To Break The Rules On Kavanaugh Day 3

Who wouldn’t want to spend the day watching a Supreme Court nomination hearing? FiveThirtyEight is tracking Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony in the Senate all week long, and some of our writers will be offering their thoughts after each day’s action. Today, Oliver Roeder and Perry Bacon Jr. each filed a dispatch. There is an ideological light […]

For A Passing League, The NFL Still Doesn’t Pass Enough

The 3-point revolution in basketball was driven in large part by the finding that the three has a higher expected value than a midrange jump shot.15 While the math is simple and clear, the revolution didn’t occur overnight — or even in the first few decades after the 3-point line was introduced. Because those longer […]

What Arguments About Sex Ed Are Really About

cwick (Chadwick Matlin, features editor): Esteemed colleagues! We’ve gathered here to discuss what we’ve learned from our exploration of sex education over the past few days. First we discussed what we know about whether sex ed “works,” and whether certain kinds work better than others. Then we explored what to do about the parts of […]