5 Brawl Stars Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Supercell knows what it’s doing when it comes to crafting quality mobile games.
They took over everyone’s smartphones and tablets with the releases of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach. Now they’ve combined all the know-how they’ve acquired while creating those classics into a brand new mobile craze – Brawl Stars. This action-packed title features a slew of intriguing game modes and a collection of charismatic “Brawlers” who you’ll come to adore. This tips guide will push you to the top of the leaderboard and help you acquire all the trophies in the Brawl Stars world!
Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Brawl Stars:
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1. Know Your Game Modes!
• Brawl Stars is home to an assortment of game modes – Gem Grab, Showdown, Bounty, Brawl Ball, Robo Rumble, Heist, and Big Game. The first time you log in, a single game type will be available to you for a certain amount of time. Once you reach the trophy limit needed to unlock Showdown, you’ll have two modes to choose from during that play session. Once the time limit expires for an active event mode, another one takes its place.
• Gem Grab is pretty easy to wrap your head around – grab the first two gems ASAP, stick to the bushes to catch your enemies off guard to collect their gems, stay close to the crystal mine, and retreat once your team’s countdown timer starts winding down. Showdown is Brawl Stars’ version of Battle Royale – just apply all the mechanics you’ve picked up along the way with other Battle Royale games and you’ll quickly become a pro at it.
• Bounty is the game’s Team Deathmatch variation – just stay close to your teammates and rack up as many kills/stars alongside them. Brawl Ball is pretty much a game of soccer – keep your eye on the ball at all times, take down your foes to gain the team advantage, and clear out the breakable elements on the field with your Super to make your trip to the opposing goal less disruptive.
• Robo Rumble is the game’s Horde mode (this is the one mode where you won’t obtain Trophies from it). Check out this in-depth guide from Samurai Gamers to get more info on Robo Rumble. Heist (Brawl Stars’ MOBA-like mode) is all about defending your team’s safe while attempting to blast apart the opposing team’s safe – selecting a Brawler who utilizes a movement-based Super (such as Bull) is just one of the tactics that works best in this mode.
• Big Game takes one Brawler, makes them the big boss, and challenges the remaining Brawlers to take him/her out. As the boss, keeping your distance from other players is a good survival tactic in order to stay alive for as long as possible. As a regular Brawler, you’ll need to go full steam ahead as you and your team look to overwhelm the boss with a united offense.

2. Certain Brawlers Work Best in Specific Modes – Part 1
• One thing you’ll eventually figure out is the fact that certain Brawlers are well-suited to specific modes. Gem Grab caters itself to the type of Brawlers that have have a good range when it comes to their basic attacks and Super’s that lend themselves well to offensive abilities. You should regularly play Gem Grab with Penny, Dynamike, Barley, Poco, Bo, Ricochet, Jessie, Nita, Shelly, and Mortis. Showdown lends itself well to Brawlers who have high HP or attacks that keep them safe while blasting from a good range. You’ll attain more victories within this mode with Frank, Colt, El Primo, Bull, and Frank.
• Bounty’s setup is perfect for Brawlers who can deal good damage from afar and have the type of Super that works well behind cover. You should also utilize Brawlers who also have a good healing ability. Stick with Piper, Brock, Crow, Pico, and Penny for this mode of play. Brawl Ball’s perfect for Brawlers who deal high damage and maneuver better than most while backed up by teammates with high HP. So this means you should stick with Brawlers such as Mortis, Crow, Bull, Bo, Mortis, and Barley.

3. Certain Brawlers Work Best in Specific Modes – Part 2
• The last two modes we need to cover are Heist and Big Game. Heist’s setup works best for Brawlers who have a Super that covers a wide enough area to eliminate multiple foes. This mode is also fitting for Brawlers who have a healing ability or turret Super of some kind. You should take Penny, Jessie, Barley, Dynamike, Nita, and Poco into Heist matches. Ricochet’s bouncing bullets also play pretty well into taking out rival teammates that are huddled together – his basic attack’s commendable range and ability to pick off enemies behind cover make him a MOBA mode asset!
• Big Game is best played by sticking to Brawlers who are either good bosses or reliable non-bosses. Boss players should select Brawlers that rely on Super’s that bring another ally onto the map or increase their mobility. So stick with Nita, Crow, Jessie, and Leon in that regard. Tara’s Gravity Super works well for boss players since it can suck in an entire enemy team and give you more time to escape a sticky situation. On the non-boss side of Big Game matches, play with Brawlers who can slow down the big boss, stun them, or even poison them. This means you should stick to the following Brawlers – Crow, Spike, and Frank.

4. Find a Place to Hide, Stay Still, and Recover
• For modes like Gem Hunt and Showdown, you’ll really need to take advantage of the map’s bushes from time to time. When your Brawler is close to death, it’s worth taking a quick trip into the bushes to find time to recover. Just stay still for a few seconds and stop shooting in order to regain a portion of your health.
• It’s also worth clearing out any bushes you know an enemy Brawler has taken refuge in. They’ll probably be trying to regain their HP just like you, so keep an eye on them and blast ’em apart in order to halt their healing activity. Be mindful of other players who also adopt this method. Just find some bushes that are a bit farther away from the mayhem to heal in peace, then get back into the firefight once you’re healthy again. The bushes (and walls!) also make for great cover in Showdown, so make good use of them in that mode as well.

5. Play as Efficiently as Possible to Rack up Trophies, Token, and Star Tokens
• Playing at a high level and completing matches within the game’s many modes (except for Robo Rumble’s unranked skirmishes) helps you acquire Trophies, Tokens, and Star Tokens. Trophies are used to unlock the extra Brawl Boxes, game modes, Brawlers, and other assorted rewards associated with the Trophy Road meter.
• Tokens help unlock Brawl Boxes (you’ll need to gather 100 Tokens in order to open one). Star Tokens are used to unlock Big Boxes (you’ll need 10 Star Tokens in order to crack one open). Both box types contain Coins, Gems, Brawler Star Powers (these become available to a Brawler once they reach Power Level 9), and Power Points. Put your Coins towards upgrading your favorite Brawlers once any of their Power Point meters is full.
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