Bob Griese Questioned Bill Belichick’s Use Of Rob Gronkowski Just Before Miami Miracle

There’s been quite a bit of second guessing Bill Belichick lately.
The Miami Dolphins stunned the New England Patriots this past Sunday, beating the Pats on the final play of the game with a multi-lateral, 69-yard touchdown now dubbed the “Miami Miracle.” The play finished with Rob Gronkowski, who was in at safety, being unable to set the edge just before the end zone, with Kenyan Drake blowing right past him.
Since Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s arm is not great and the Dolphins were on their own 31, having Gronkowski on the field didn’t make a ton of sense, as there was little chance of a Hail Mary even making it to the end zone.

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So while after the fact many questioned the decision to play Gronkowski, the Dolphins radio broadcast was perplexed beforehand. Bob Griese and Co. before the ball was snapped questioned Belichick for using his tight end in that spot.
Take a listen:

Of course, we wouldn’t be talking about this had other Patriots players made tackles further up the field, so not everything can, or should fall on Gronkowski. Still, Belichick didn’t do the 29-year-old many favors by putting him in that spot.