he has advised a range of B2B companies

Ken Rutsky is a B2B marketing consultant with over 30 years of industry experience

A renowned specialist in achieving and growing market leadership, he has advised a range of B2B companies, including Cisco, FireEye, Lee Hecht Harrison, and such venture capital funded high-growth startups as Jumio and Skyhigh Networks.

He is the author of Launching to Leading: How B2B Market Leaders Create Flashmobs

Marshal Parades, and Ignite Movements.

Free Adaptability Printable Top Takeaways: Flashmobs

Parades and Ignited Movements: How to Uncork Your Market Leadership with Ken Rutsky Phases of Business Create Flashmobs the Early Stage in a business venture with passionate customers who are excited to be part of an emerging opportunity, often your network; former peers in business – this is the foundation of your business and a springboard to the beginnings of success Be someone people want to follow Marshall Parades – If you want to be a leader find a parade and get IN FRONT of it What is your customer’s Parade.
What are our customer’s trends causing excitement, risks or problems.
Get in your customer’s shoes Don’t fight over dead snakes; every problem starts looking like a snake Mindset shift from you to your customer get IN FRONT of the parade Don’t be a follower or a bystander at the parade – Ignite Movements The stage when the company gets to the point of changing the world Be part of the few that makes a difference with your product or service Figure out strategically what your buyers are trying to accomplish Five Steps to Uncorking your Market Leadership STEP One: Shifting your mindset from what our product does to our customer’s perspective – teach them something before you start to sell them something; The reason you are in business is to help and serve customers Step Two: Understand where you are and what you’re trying to accomplish in your business – adjust your tactics and expectations to the phases of business growth become the go-to person in your Sphere of Influence Step Three: Tell Your Viewpoint Story – Modeled after the “Heroes Journey” -position your product or service as to how it can help transform their world – Make your customer a HERO Motivate Change – take them to a better place – explain the value of change to them Shine a light on the customer’s challenges by doing things they way they are doing them now – Status Quo is always the biggest energy in creating change Step Four: Value – we ask our customers to trade both time and money for our product or service so be crystal clear on what your bring and why you can do it better than the competition or the status quo Always remember Value is in the Eye of the Consumer Step Five: Become Showers not Tellers – Look at how much value you bring and increase it by 10X Build the “know, like and trust” factor by “showing” Move from Diagnostic Selling to Authority-driven Selling Listen to the Audio Subscribe to the podcast – Never Miss an Episode Learning From Leaders:  Current Book: Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us Abou.

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