Jewelry Stealing Prank: Best Employee Reactions [VIDEO]

The “jewelry stealing prank,” the latest viral trend sweeping across internet, is filling social media with videos of people trying on expensive jewelry and then pretending to run out of the store, while filming the reactions of the unsuspecting store employees.
The viral trend started in China, with hundreds of videos flooding Chinese social media sites. The videos generally start with a patron trying on some expensive piece of jewelry, and as soon as the store employee leans back, the customer takes off running toward the door before abruptly stopping to nonchalantly check themselves out in the mirror, while remaining inside the shop.

The reactions from the very loyal jewelers and store employees often shows the employee jumping into action, sliding across the jewelry counter and sprinting off after the customer before realizing the customer stopped running. Quite of few of the videos show the employee embarrassingly darting back behind the counter.

It is just the latest in a series of online trends that have taken off across Asia including  the “falling stars” challenge and the “flaunt your wealth” trend, a fad which is believed to have originated in Russia. The “falling stars” trend has Instagram users dramatically lie on the ground as if they’ve just fallen and injured themselves in glamorous settings, such as beside luxury jets, yachts, sports cars, private tennis courts, exotic destinations and the like. The “flaunt your wealth” challenge takes “falling stars” one step further, and has the rich Instagram users adding all of their belongings surrounding them after they’ve fallen, such as expensive makeup, clothes, jewelry, etc.
According to RT, the “jewelry stealing prank” is thought to have been inspired by Indonesian Instagram-influencer Harvinth Skin, who tricked a shoe store employee into chasing after him after he took off running out of the store, only to watch Skin casually jog back into the store immediately after. The video has been viewed over a million times on Instagram alone.

The clips of the jewelry prank began circulating on popular short video app Tik Tok – known as Dou Yin in China earlier this month, according to the Daily Mail. The reactions to the store employees jumping into action has the internet in tears, complimenting the jewelers’ quick reactions and loyalty to their job.
“Do these shops only hire ex Olympic hurdlers?” one user wrote on Twitter. “I’d either be falling on my face or crashing through the glass. These are some graceful AF jewelry store workers, I’m just sayin.”

Do these shops only hire ex Olympic hurdlers?
I’d either be falling on my face or crashing through the glass. These are some graceful AF jewelry store workers, I’m just sayin.
— Lucky Dog Hot Sauce (@luckydoghot) December 9, 2018

Some users questioned why the jewelry stores didn’t have mirrors closer to the cases, and wondered why so many of the stores have the mirrors located so closely to the exit. Others jokes that if this prank takes off in America, the store clerks wouldn’t be able to jump the counter to run after the perpetrator.
“American clerks would be like ‘oh well I tried.’ When in reality they still trying to get over the counter 5 minutes later,” user Jersey Girl wrote.

American clerks would be like oh well I tried. 🤷🏼‍♀️ When in reality they still trying to get over the counter 5 minutes later. 😂
— Jersey Girl (@JerseyGirl0223) December 10, 2018

Check out a couple more videos and pictures of the prank below:

New Viral Trend in China Shows People Pulling ‘Jewelry Stealing Prank’ on Horrified Employees: The Malaysian viral “shoe-stealing prank” spread to China & gave birth to a new version where people pull a “jewelry-stealing prank” on unsuspecting jewelry @ https://t.co/J1cHNn0nbf pic.twitter.com/YEvg25iwgi
— GJB Partners (@gjbpartners) December 8, 2018

A jewelry-stealing prank that has gone viral in China: https://t.co/jYreq7Z4NB pic.twitter.com/E6MU9qhGPE
— SupChina (@supchinanews) December 11, 2018

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