Kyle Kuzma Gets Roasted for Bold Pre-Game Fashion Choice

This isn’t the first time Lakers guard Kyle Kuzma has caught shade for his off-court attire, but tonight’s particular number had Twitter trolling him even harder than usual. The Los Angeles Lakers Twitter account posted pictures of Kuzma’s pre-game outfit, a very fashion-forward suit with wavy, disorienting lines on an oversized coat, with somewhat undersized pants. He finished off the outfit with a pair of black Nikes as he strolled into Houston’s Toyota Center.

Show 'em how to do it Kuz
— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) December 13, 2018

Last season, Kuzma was routinely roasted by none other than Lonzo Ball for his fashion choices, which was always hilarious to follow along with on social media. Nowadays, the whole world has gleefully joined in, and they had a lot to say about this outfit.

They gonna roast this man so bad. I can already see it 😭😭
— ANTHONY (@MANYYTHOUGHTS) December 13, 2018

They did.

Twitter Reacts to Kyle Kuzma’s Pregame ‘Fit
As usual, Twitter didn’t hold back when letting Kuzma have it.
Here are some highlights:

He's like a back up dancer for Digital Underground
— ThinkOn3 (@ThinkOn3) December 13, 2018

Kyle Kuzma wearing an optical illusion
— 2017 Dodgers Fan (@Kershianity) December 13, 2018

Kuz about to catwalk to the player introductions.
— Lord Irv (@Irv_Do) December 13, 2018

Kuz looks like that one rich grandma at a family event that shows off her expensive clothes and talks about how ruch she is and how her kids are poor
— Did the Chargers win? (@BryantMV96) December 13, 2018
— Hurricane Hugo (@TheHugoMorales) December 13, 2018

If you gonna dress like that you better drop 40 tonight and play solid D
— Pig Miller (@Pig_Miller88) December 13, 2018