Lakers Trade Rumor: Lonzo Ball Wanted In Trevor Ariza, Phoenix Suns Swap Says Source

Word around Los Angeles is that Trevor Ariza could find his way back to the city that he’s from and where he won a championship with: the Los Angeles Lakers
Here’s the problem: per Los Angeles Times writer, Broderick Turner, the Los Angeles Lakers have informed potential trade partners that they will only surrender members of their young core for an established superstar
Translation: To quote Puff Daddy in “Bad Boys 4 Life” – Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart “aint going nowhere,” in the Lakers’ pursuit Ariza.
Per Amico Hoops:

The Suns were turned down when they sought to get one of the Lakers’ young players in exchange for Ariza, and Phoenix also rejected a three-team deal that was discussed with the Lakers,” Turner reported.

“The Lakers and Suns have continued to pursue trade scenarios that make sense for both teams.”

A league source familiar with discussions from both teams sent me a text message tonight stating: “Update on Phoenix. They want Lonzo and are actively trying to get him.”

Makes sense now!
Just got a text message from someone who knows chatter from both Phoenix and LA-side.
Message reads:
“Update on Phoenix. They want Lonzo and are actively trying to get him.
— Brandon Robinson (@ScoopB) December 14, 2018

We shall see! 
One league source told me earlier this week that the Philadelphia 76ers could serve as the third team in the potential Lakers-Phoenix Suns trade centered on Ariza.
Per the source, the Lakers were mulling around the idea of giving up Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and a future first-round pick.
In this trade scenario, the Suns will part ways with Ariza and the Philadelphia 76ers will offer Markelle Fultz and Shake Milton.
In the rumored three-way deal, Trevor Ariza and Shake Milton will head to the Los Angeles Lakers, with Markelle Fultz joining the Phoenix Suns.
Rounding out the deal, the Sixers will acquire Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and a future first-round pick.