Miles Mcchesney: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Miles Mcchesney has been identified as the man Jennifer St. Clair was with on the night she died. She fell off the back of a motorcycle, driven by 34-year-old Mcchesney, sometime after midnight on December 7 along I-95 in Pompano Beach, Florida.
Attorney Todd Falzone of the Kelley/Uustal law firm, representing the St. Clair family, explained in a news conference on December 14 that Mcchesney did not try to help St. Clair after she went off the bike and left the scene. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, St. Clair’s body was found in the center lane. Falzone said she was struck by at least nine vehicles.
After the incident, Mcchesney immediately obtained legal representation. According to Falzone, Mcchesney has refused to cooperate with investigators. He reportedly asked for legal immunity in exchange for cooperation with law enforcement; as Falzone said, this was at the very beginning of the investigation.
Here’s what you need to know.

1. Miles Mcchesney Did Not Call 911 After St. Clair Went Off the Bike But Instead Called His Cousin, Who Had Been With Them That Night
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Miles Mcchesney and Jennifer St. Clair met on Tinder and the night of December 6 was their first date. He picked her up at her home in Fort Lauderdale on a motorcycle. Two other couples were also present. One of those people has been identified as Mcchesney’s cousin, Bill Young.
The six of them went to at least three bars in Delray Beach. On the way back to Fort Lauderdale, Mcchesney and St. Clair fell behind the other two bikes on I-95. She somehow fell off.
Attorney Todd Falzone said that Mcchesney did not try to help St. Clair. He called his cousin, Bill Young, and told him what happened. Mcchesney left the scene and reconnected with his cousin, who had called 911. Police have not shared that phone call with Falzone or the St. Clair family.
While this was happening, St. Clair was struck by at least nine vehicles. She died at the scene.

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2. Miles Mcchesney Was Recently Incarcerated in New York & Was Visiting Florida
Miles Mcchesney was behind bars as recently as mid-November, according to St. Clair family attorney Todd Falzone. He did not immediately share details as to why Mcchesney had been detained or what crime he had been accused of doing. An online search of court records in New York state does not reveal any cases linked to Mcchesney; we are looking at federal records. Check back for updates.
Mcchesney lives in Schenectady, New York, located about 20 miles away from the state’s capital of Albany. Falzone explained that after getting out of jail, Mcchesney came to Broward County, presumably to visit his cousin, Bill Young.

4. Mcchesney is Accused of Drinking Too Much Alcohol & Therefore Causing St. Clair to Fall Off the Motorcycle

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The complaint in the wrongful death lawsuit filed in Broward County is embedded above. Prosecutors say Mcchesney drank enough alcohol while they were in downtown Delray to “the point where he came impaired.”
In the lawsuit, Mcchesney is accused of driving dangerously and therefore causing St. Clair to fall off the bike. Here is the exact wording: “At approximately 2 a.m., while impaired, Defendant Miles Mcchesney carelessly and negligently operated, controlled and/or maintained the aforementioned motorcycle so as to cause decedent, Jennifer A. St. Clair, to be expelled from said motorcycle into oncoming traffic on I-95. After stopping briefly but rendering no aid or assistance to Jennifer A. St. Clair, Miles Mcchesney left the scene. After Jennifer A. St. Clair was expelled from the subject motorcycle she was struck by multiple vehicles and tragically killed.”
In the lawsuit, the St. Clair family is asking for a jury trial and $15,000 in damages.

4. The Motorcycle Was Owned by a Man Named John E. Lewis, Who is Named as a Second Defendant in the Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed by Jennifer St. Clair’s Parents

Miles Mcchesney did not own the motorcycle in question. The 2001 Harley Davidson was previously owned by his cousin, Bill Young. Young had sold it to John E. Lewis.
Young asked Lewis if they could borrow the motorcycle while Mcchesney was visiting. Under Florida law, the owner of a vehicle is responsible for whatever happens while someone else is driving that vehicle.
The vehicle was a 2001 Harley Davidson. It had a back seat for a passenger.

5. Miles Mcchesney Has Not Cooperated With Investigators, According to the St. Clair Family Attorney
The lawsuit was filed by Becky St. Clair, her mother, and her stepfather Robert Burns on behalf of the family. Jennifer’s biological father is Jack St. Clair. In the lawsuit, they are asking for $15,000 in damages to help with funeral and medical expenses. It also states that the family members “have suffered and will continue to suffer mental pain” from losing their daughter.
Miles Mcchesney obtained legal representation immediately following St. Clair’s death. Attorney Todd Falzone shared that Mcchesney reportedly requested legal immunity in return for cooperation. That request was not granted because the investigation had just begun.
It’s worth mentioning that the lawsuit filed in Broward County is on behalf of the St. Clair family. Law enforcement has not yet concluded its own investigation and therefore criminal charges could be filed.