Poll: Should The Bulls Be Looking To Trade Jabari Parker?

The Chicago Bulls are reportedly “engaged in talks” with multiple teams on a potential trade that would ship Jabari Parker out of town before he’s even completed a half of a season with the team he signed a two-year $40 million deal with in the offseason.

Bulls have engaged in talks with several teams regarding Jabari Parker, per sources. There’s considerable interest in Parker the player. Finding right fit financially is next.
— K.C. Johnson (@KCJHoop) December 14, 2018

Welcome to the NBA, folks.

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The Bulls’ season has been ravaged by injuries, bad culture and is now in a state of shock based on the drastic switch in leadership styles from the fired Fred Hoiberg to the newly hired Jim Boylen. In addition to long practices and some public beratement, Boylen has made some changes to the team’s rotation. The biggest is the benching of Parker. In Thursday night’s loss to the Orlando Magic in Mexico City, Parker played just four minutes.
He was reportedly told earlier in the week that his role would be greatly reduced, and that his defensive effort was a primary concern. This appears to fit the narrative Parker clumsily created for himself when he was being introduced as a new signing during the offseason.
Parker said, “they don’t pay players to play defense.” That might have come out the wrong way, but it stuck and clearly, the Bulls’ new coach felt as though Parker’s effort matched that statement. Parker just signed a two-year, $40 million deal in the offseason.
The second year of that deal is on a team option, but it’s still going to be difficult for the Bulls to find a trade partner for Parker with him being owed the remainder of his $20 million salary for the 2018-19 season still owed.
Presumably, the Bulls would be interested in acquiring a draft asset in return for Parker, but they may have to take back a comparable amount of salary that is guaranteed through next year if that is they are going to get that in return.
Despite the benching, it’s likely Parker, who is just 23 years old, still has a good reputation in the league. He’s seemingly being as positive as possible through this tough situation, but what do you think?

Jabari Parker said he's not looking at his reduced rotation role as permanent. Said he was told at shootaround and given "no reason, just (Boylen's) wishes." A team source said Boylen told Parker his defensive effort must improve.
— K.C. Johnson (@KCJHoop) December 14, 2018

Parker: "Everybody is telling me the truth—to stay ready. They’re not telling me things I want to hear. They’re not pointing fingers. And personally, I know I’ve done my job to embrace Jim as the head coach. I’ve been nothing but welcoming of him. I'll continue that."
— K.C. Johnson (@KCJHoop) December 14, 2018

Parker: "It is a surprise because I did everything I could in the time I was given. But it is what it is. You can’t pout. You just gotta keep moving."
— K.C. Johnson (@KCJHoop) December 14, 2018

Should the Bulls be shopping Parker?