Twitter Reacts to Drake & Bad Bunny’s ‘MIA’

Drake dropped a new video in collaboration with Bad Bunny on Thursday. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it below:

The up-tempo song reveals Drake to be singing fluently in Spanish, which is probably about as surprising to some users as when Justin Bieber did the same thing for his record-breaking hit ‘Despacito.’
To be clear, though, this isn’t the first time Drake has gone bi-lingual with his music: in 2014, he showed off his Spanish chops in the song ‘Odio.’
Naturally, Twitter users went wild at a video of Drake singing in Spanish. Here are all of the best reactions and memes to Drake’s latest hit.

Twitter Reactions to ‘MIA’

Drake dropping albums in another language now
— Pursuit of Serotonin (@MelatoninMagick) October 11, 2018

Listening to this new bad bunny with drake like pic.twitter.com/3GlSMgZSFC
— 👑 (@_rae_0fsunshine) October 11, 2018

Drake speaking spanishhhhh? Yessss papiii 😭😩😍😂 pic.twitter.com/KZaXxbLMWx
— Karibugatti. (@kayzeee_) October 11, 2018

Drake be sounding like he got a D in GCSE Spanish
— AjayKBungar (@AjayBungar) October 11, 2018

Drake y Bad Bunny aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaa pic.twitter.com/eC2Gc8q6KE
— 𝖒𝖆(𝖑𝖕𝖆)𝖗𝖎𝖆 (@_mariadpm) October 11, 2018

first Drake wanted to act Jamaican & now the man is rapping in Spanish w Bad Bunny lol…..wyd man
— Bri (@b_lutin) October 11, 2018

The fact that @Drake speaks more Spanish than me. Makes me upset 😅 I might have to buy Rosetta Stone now.
— Pedritooo (@_Pedro69_) October 11, 2018

me tryna snap some sense into Drake pic.twitter.com/W0IqdyEINR
— allah iverson (@kadeejra) October 11, 2018

Yo cuando me enteré que Drake sacó una canción con Bad Bunny y canta en español pic.twitter.com/vI4Cde1soA
— I!iana ♥ (@iliana_manzueta) October 11, 2018

Drake is the king of execution. He's tried so many lanes / styles and nailed them effortlessly. Most versatile of all time.
Doing it's one thing… doing it right is a whole diff…. righhhht.
— Max B In My Top 5 (@CalmYeWest) October 11, 2018

If you a bad bunny fan you’ll like the song if you a drake fan you’ll like it if you’re a fan of both welcome to heaven
— Drakes Love Child (@trapmoney_benny) October 11, 2018

to future bae , the only man you can cheat on me with is drake and I won’t trip I promise 👀
— gмєη (@Gmen_14) October 11, 2018

— blanca lucía ❁ (@bluucia) October 11, 2018

Literally everyone’s instagram story is a screen shot of the new Bad Bunny & Drake joint right now.
— Luis Enrique (@sqt_FC) October 11, 2018

Drake cantando en español got me like: pic.twitter.com/wagCVDc0UF
— elizabeth (@elizbth_3) October 11, 2018

Moi quand j'entends Drake chanter en espagnol dans MIA pic.twitter.com/fDROci3wH6
— Tsubasa Ozora (@nelsongdjo) October 11, 2018