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Just wanted to say Hello.

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Craig 1st Lt. John D. Daniel Pvt. It accepts money, for example, from a circle of LDS lawyers, bankers and businessmen who represent the polygamist Mormons living out West.Former Utah based child advocate Jay Beswick sees these tithes as "blood money" because the lawyers, bankers and businessmen help to support a 10,000 member polygamist/pedophile colony the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS) on the Utah Arizona border, which has branches in Texas, Idaho, Colorado, British Columbia and parts in between. Beswick says that if the main Mormon Church really opposed polygamy, it would reject the tithes and excommunicate the lot.Rodney R. Parker, who legally represents the FLDS, is with the law firm of Snow, Christensen and Martineau which also represents the State of Utah.

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