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Games Hub Awards 2018 Winners

About Us.
Program   Speakers.
Parties &  Networking .
Career Wall.
Games Hub   Awards 2018 Winners.
All  Games .
Game Lynch.
Speed  Game Dating .
Submit Game.
No menu assigned!.
DevGAMM Moscow 2018 Report.
Check the sum-up            Learn More                                            DevGAMM Awards Winners.
Check the full list            Learn More                                            Watch Official DevGAMM Stream.
Organized by DTF,  Sponsored  by GameInsight           Day One                     Day Two                                                                                        17-18.
MAY                          2000+.
ATTENDEES                          30+.
COUNTRIES                          60+.
SESSIONS                          70%.
DEVELOPERS                           100+.

GAMES                                                        DEVGAMM SPEAKERS

Alex Nichiporchik tinyBuild                                                Ilya Karpinskiy MRGV                                                Jeff Pobst Hidden Path Entertainment                                                 Dmitri Martynov Google Play                                                 Roman Mardot Google Play                                                 Rami Ismail Vlambeer                                                                                   Attila Szantner Massively Multiplayer Online Science                                                Mike Hines Amazon                                                Max Schulz THREAKS                                                Imre Jele Bossa Studios                                                Aleksey Savchenko  Epic Game s                                                Nicolae Berbece Those Awesome Guys                                        All sessions                                   Download Schedule                                    GAMES HUB ACTIVITIES.
DevGAMM Awards.
It’s a competition for games of all  platforms  and genres.
Submit  your game  and get a chance to win a decent prize from our sponsors.
DevGAMM Showcase.

DevGAMM Showcase is a game showcase where you can get feedback

have your game playtested and make a name for yourself by being creative.
Game Lynch.
It’s a special event  where you r game is reviewed by an expert within 5 minutes in the most hilarious and blatant way possible.
Speed Game Dating.
Speed Game Dating is an hour of uninterrupted 3-minute meetings between developers and publishers.
Submissions Closed.
All Games                                   Awards Nominations                                   Submit Game                                                             Subscribe to stay on top of deadlines!.
Career Wall.
It’s a DevGAMM project aimed to help the attendees to find a specialist/job right at the conference.
It is a new meeting scheduling tool available for business participants.
Small adventure on the conference at the end of which you can get a cool prize from our sponsors.
Party & Networking.
Parties are open for all conference attendees.

Join us at badge pick up pre-party and DevGAMM party

$  329.
Late Bird      Expo areas.
All sessions.
Coffee breaks & participant bag.
Games Hub Activities.
Pre-Party & Official Party.
Full badge info.
Full access to Meetpoint.
Business Lounge.
Access to Wi-Fi.
Business Track.
$  229.
Late Bird      Expo areas.
All sessions (excl.
Business Track).
Coffee breaks & participant bag.
Games Hub Activities.
Pre-Party & Official Party.
Name only.
Limited access  to Meetpoint.
A non-refundable replacement fee, equal to the original purchase amount will apply to all lost, duplicate, misplaced, stolen or forgotten badge requests.
If your badge was complimentary, the fee will be the current, on-site rate.
https://devgamm.com/moscow2018/wp-content/themes/salient/css/fonts/svg/basic_elaboration_mail_heart.svg   Would you like to become a part of DevGAMM and attend the conference free of charge? Become a volunteer! We need active, energetic and responsible assistants.
Submit your application.
https://devgamm.com/moscow2018/wp-content/themes/salient/css/fonts/svg/basic_sheet_pencil.svg   The accreditation grants the right to freely access DevGAMM, receive assets and press releases, and attend any events within the conference that do not require special invitation.

Submit your application                                      DIAMOND SPONSOR

All Sponsors                                   Become a Sponsor                                   branding options                                                        DEVGAMM MOSCOW 2018 MAP.
View all conference partners.
View all press and media partners.

“  We are very satisfied with our participation in DevGAMM

We are impressed with the level of Russian game developers and with the quality of conference organization.
First time within my memory we didn’t have any overlaps  Sergey Galyonkin.

Epic Games  “  Moscow trip was unforgettable

I’ll come back for sure.
Russian game developers community is one of the best I’ve seen.

DevGAMM team did a great job and the event was beyond expectations  Jon Carnage

Twitch  “  The conference more than lived up to my expectations.
I love to visit places with the concentrated energy of thousands, to charge with it, to meet interesting people and to talk in private about everything that bothers me.
Historically, DevGAMM handles it very well, and each year it gets even better Sergey Babaev.

Independent Expert  “  DevGAMM this year has an awesome format

an excellent lineup of speakers, great parties and eccentric Awards ceremony.
Together with the ability to visit Moscow and to exchange experience with large developers, publishers and platforms - it’s certainly an event, which I enjoyed Dan Da Rocha, Toxic Games                                                        VENUE  Location: Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel Address: Europe Square, 2, Moscow Hotel offers special discounts will be available later.
Book a Room                                   TRAVEL  Our detailed guide will help you learn more about: – Visa to Russia – Moscow transport system – Affordable accommodation Plan your trip                                      RECENT POSTS IN BLOG.
July 23, 2018                             0                                                                              DevGAMM Moscow 2018 Infographic.
By  DevGAMM  | News  |      No Comments                                              Read More                                                                                                      May 23, 2018                             0                                                                              DevGAMM Moscow 2018 – memories.
By  DevGAMM  | News  |      No Comments                                             Only a week ago we finished DevGAMM in Moscow.
Let’s go back in time and recall how it was.
Read More                                                                                                      May 15, 2018                             2                                                                              DevGAMM is on Thursday.
By  DevGAMM  | News  |      No Comments                                               Dear conference attendees,  .

Two days left before DevGAMM Moscow 2018

Learn how to spend time at the conference as efficiently as possible.
We have gathered information for you about everything that will be happening at the event within the two days.
Read More                                                                                                                              NEXT EVENTS.
DevGAMM Moscow  May 17-18.

2018 2,000+                                DevGAMM Talks Lviv  July

2018 300                                DevGAMM Summit Seattle  August 29, 2018 VIP, 100-200 attendees                                DevGAMM Minsk  November 15-16, 2018 2,000+                                                                                                                                 Lerika Mallayeva.
Managing Director Email: [email protected] Skype: mallayevaPhone: +79035826001  Contact with any questions: concerning the sponsorship, speech-making, strategy, unique forms of cooperation and other questions.
Maria Chyrvona.
PR & Content Manager Email: [email protected]: chyrvonaPhone: +380938368195             Questions concerning speaking opportunities, public relations and media partnerships.
Sergey Chernobrivets.
Account Manager Email: [email protected]: sergey_ukraine_accPhone: +380990311747  All questions concerning the payments and agreements (tickets and sponsorship).
Coordination of works with contractors.
Tori Pavlenko.
Partner Manager  Email: [email protected]: viktory1209Phone: +79689363486   Sales and business relationships with sponsors.
About Us.
Program   Speakers.
Parties & Networking.
Career Wall.
Games Hub   Awards 2018 Winners.
All Games.
Game Lynch.
Speed Game Dating.
Submit Game.



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