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InsuBiz is an insurance claims handling firm from Denmark

All-in-one Insurance Management System

45   45  governmen tal organizations use the system.
360°   360° overview of  insurance  processes.
CRM   CRM  features  included.
Project  overview .
For our client, we had to develop a comprehensive  insurance  tool to manage claims, policies, assets, risks, workflows, contacts, documents, and finances.

InsuBiz solution is suitable for all types of insurance

including L&H, P&C, as well as re-insurance.
Moreover, it helps to simplify the usage and  management  of various connected systems and integrations like CRM or accounting.
Client  information .
InsuBiz is an  insurance  claims handling firm from Denmark.
The team provides insurance software services th rough  a convenient app developed by Diceus.
It works with over 45 governmental organizations, .

Including the Danish Ministry of Education
InsuBiz also has offices in London and Glasgow
Team Composition  4 members  1  Project Manager  2
NET Developers  1 AngularJS Developer  1 Manual QA Engineer

Client Name  InsuBiz.
Expertise Used  BI & Reporting, Cloud  solutions .
Duration  2 years.

Services Provided  Software architecture

UI/UX design, Web app development, Custom software development, Manual testing, Automated testing.
Country  Denmark.
Industry  Insurance, InsurTech.
Business challenge.
A client’s inspiration for delivering this product came from the need to cut the expensive services required each time to buy an insurance package.
The customers looked for the way to decrease the costs and eliminate unneeded cooperation with the insurance agent.
That’s why they reached our company to develop such software.
Technical challenges.
We had to ensure the required level of adaptability of this large system.
Our first aim was to ensure that the product will work well on each device.
The second one was making it comfortable for each user while saving all functions.
The third goal was the development of a simple and intuitive system of management.
Solution delivered.

Diceus helped InsuBiz to deliver a flexible system for insurance management

tracking of expenses, and checking the balance.
Such software helps to optimize operations and drive risk awareness by recognizing, measuring, and handling risks.
Through InsuBiz, .

The users get advanced CRM and assets

They can easily manage their business unit and customer records, handle workflows, import and export data, and create group structures by applying a unique hierarchy tool.
Moreover, users receive an ability to keep track of all self-insured and insured assets, track disposals and acquisitions, update and import facilities.
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Key features.
Innovative risk management It boosts risk awareness and helps to eliminate dangers.
Sophisticated scorecards show various vulnerabilities.
Entire incident and claims management It aligns losses with assets, speeds up the claims handling process, develops reports, enables data capture.
Advanced policy management With this tool, it’s easier to monitor insured and self-insured clients, deductibles, policy limits, and their erosion and renewal dates.
Integrated workflow management Task management and a smart reminder about the relevant tasks help to stay focused and become more productive.
Advanced CRM system The tool improves cooperation with customers or employees through unlimited teams and role-based security management.
Advanced search Innovative filtering capabilities help to find things fast and prevent losing valuable content.
In-depth document management Comprehensive tools mixed with drag-and-drop functionality help to store information better and create document templates.
Useful finance administration Track and report data demanded by the TPAs and regulators through the basic reports, or create own templates.

45 local councils and governmental organizations use the services provided by InsuBiz

enjoy seamless management.
All features are under one roof so customers can get rid of third-party applications, keeping everything on one simple yet efficient platform.
Cloud services used for the best efficiency help the customer to cut costs and deliver the new software to end-users much quicker.
NET Core.
Microsoft Azure Cloud.
SSL (CloudFlare).
Client feedback.

The Diceus’ team is flexible in this collaboration

their expertise shines.
I like that they are not afraid to suggest alternative designs.

If Diceus’ team thinks that my way of crafting a user interface is not ideal

they will confront me with an alternative.
They don’t simply take what I give them and run with it if there is a better way.
Søren Hundebøll, Founder of InsuBiz                               <<<<<<< HEAD   =======  >>>>>>> ed4555161fec9215c5f8ff01e48a632ed2857c6b.



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