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The TRAX Platform can help improve your catering operations

Who We Serve.
Who We Serve.

Thousands of Clients of All Sizes

Let us bring the best of our  experience  to you.
We provide catering  management  technology to feed students at universities and school districts, patrons at restaurants, or on-the-go diners at businesses and hospitals.
CaterTrax’s  solutions , services and support address the needs of catering, foodservice, and hospitality organizations across industries for more than 7,500 caterers.
Meet  Our Clients                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Business & Industry.
Independent Caterer.
Senior Living.
Business and Industry.
Employee restaurants, executive dining rooms, catering services, are just a few of the concepts that make  CaterTrax  a great partner for your foodservice company.
Through great food and a well-managed facility, we understand that ensuring a memorable  experience  goes far beyond the food served.
Whether you need to manage your kitchen production, online catering, or take-out orders, we have the solutions to keep your businesses running at peak  performance .

CaterTrax supports hundreds of foodservice providers of colleges

universities and K-12 schools.
We help your organization manage on-site meal  production  for breakfast and lunch programs, residential dining and retail operations.
Serving students and faculty can be  stressful .
Let our foodservice  management  solutions provide some relief.
CaterTrax solutions simplify foodservice operations management so that you can focus on those who serve.
We deliver a suite of online, centralized data management systems that provide real-time access through a single data source.
Manage kitchen production and customer orders remotely across multiple locations and gain valuable insight from our built-in analytics and reporting tools                                                                   Healthcare.
Your healthcare hospitality team has the power to influence everything from patient care to employee satisfaction.

The TRAX Platform takes the headache out of catered meetings and events

take-out orders for staff and guests, and floor stock kitchen management.  Let CaterTrax support your mission to nurture a healthy, innovative and customer-focused environment.
Independent Caterer.
Our founders have stood in your shoes.
We know caterers bear a heavy load when faced with the challenges of planning, managing, and billing for high-volume catering events.
That’s why we believe software should be useful, simple, and fast so you can work better, get more accomplished, and make smarter decisions for your business.
The TRAX Platform can help improve your catering operations.
Senior Living.
Senior living residents are increasingly tech-savvy and expect the ability to order meals and snacks at their convenience.
Online ordering empowers residents to manage their own accounts and place orders for pick-up or room delivery, or directly from their table during scheduled mealtimes, streamlining senior dining operations and enriching the lives of residents.

Improving the Quality of Life for Caterers and Foodservice Operators

For years now, .

Built by caterers for caterers has been the slogan of CaterTrax

It gives caterers and foodservice operators a sense of order and calmness, allowing them to stay focused on what matters – their customers.
For managed hospitality providers and independent foodservice operators, .

CaterTrax offers solutions that work seamlessly with your business

Catering Manager                                                                                            Hey, we get it.
Running a successful food service operation is a unique challenge.
You want to focus on creating exceptional experiences that keep your customers coming back, not on invoices and administrative tasks.
Whether you represent a global enterprise or an independent business, we created the TRAX Platform with customizable management solutions to help your business run smoothly and profitably.
Chef and Production Manager                                                                                            It can be almost impossible to focus on high quality, efficient production, and exceptional presentation with relentless budgetary concerns around every corner.
Through clear organization, comprehensive production reporting and kitchen-specific tools, .

The TRAX Platform supports a better way to manage your business

CaterTrax eliminates unnecessary distraction and enables your culinary expertise and industry knowledge to connect with every customer.
Corporate Manager                                                                                            As a hospitality industry executive, we know you are responsible for technology, marketing, finance, and operations.
CaterTrax can increase productivity and improve collaboration across your catering operations to move you forward as one company.
With our wide range of solutions and services, we can ensure each catering operation gets the just-right combination.
Finance Manager                                                                                            As a finance professional accountable for catering – accuracy, consistency and full performance visibility make the difference between efficiency or costly chaos.
CaterTrax brings invoices, forecasts and results together into a single system of record so that your finance team can affect business outcomes through clear fact-based data.
Effective integration of payment gateways and ERP systems offers yet another level of seamless financial alignment.
IT Manager                                                                                            When event management software is mission-critical to your catering success, your IT team must be able to rely on the dependability and performance of the platform you engage.

CaterTrax delivers advanced security features

operational transparency, account settings, and user controls – enabled through zero maintenance architecture.
Marketing Manager                                                                                            Catering is a fiercely competitive industry where nimble marketing can enable your business to thrive.

CaterTrax meets the unique needs of fast-moving

modern marketers to help distinguish your foodservice operation from the crowd.
With the TRAX Platform, your marketing team can easily research customer behavior, manage center-led communication, engage loyalty/promotion features, integrate with Google Analytics and link to social media platforms.
Regional Manager                                                                                            Managing performance across multiple operations demands a constant compromise between tactical excellence and strategic vision.
Although information is at the core of this sometimes delicate balance, not all data is created equally – you need accurate, timely and relevant data to drive business success.
CaterTrax supports this goal with a flexible multi-site toolkit that provides central access, consolidated reporting, and intelligent visibility into your network of sites.

Join Thousands of Foodservice Operators Using CaterTrax

Take a look at a few of the successful businesses that have chosen CaterTrax as their hospitality management software partner.
Read the Reviews.
Who We Serve.



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