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When you use Dropsuite Cloud Backup for Office 365

Become a Dropsuite Channel Partner

MSPs and VARs, earn  recurring  revenue and boost your ARPU.
BECOME A PARTNER >>                                                                                                                                      Channel Partner  Benefits.
MSPs and VARs, as a Dropsuite Channel Partner you can automatically safeguard Office 365 (Exchange Online,  SharePoint , OneDrive, Groups & Teams), G Suite Gmail, IMAP/POP, and website data in the cloud — available for recovery from any point in time, protecting your valued clients from unexpected data loss events.
We even offer an email archiving option that can be included in the same pane of glass  management  dashboard.
Developed for IT solution providers, MSPs, VARs, and IT Solution Providers, our Global Channel Partner Program is focused on helping you increase your profitability and accelerated sales — plus drive deeper  engagement  with Dropsuite.
MFA  Application  Security.
Dropsuite supports multi-factor  authentication  (MFA) to provide partners with an extra layer of security to help safeguard end user customer data within Office 365.
Traditional (conventional) password security offers a single layer of  protection .
Passwords are susceptible to being compromised through human error, coordinated  cyber attacks  and theft actors.
Multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security  protection .
After typing your password, multi-factor authentication software automatically contacts you via a secondary, trusted medium, such as your telephone number, and then requests a new form of verification.
This second security perimeter significantly strengthens overall application security while reducing the likelihood of unauthorized threat access.
Dropsuite’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides reseller partners with an extra layer of security to help safeguard end user customer data within Microsoft Office 365.

We’re proud to be a vendor that’s at the forefront of MSP security

providing MFA enhanced partner security protection for our cloud backup and archiving suite of solutions.
When you use Dropsuite Cloud Backup for Office 365, .

You access the Microsoft ecosystem by activating MFA

This powerful new layer of security makes it almost impossible for hackers to infiltrate your administrator credentials, blocking a former entry point the bad guys had come to rely on.

Since MFA blocks ~99.9 percent of account compromise attacks

your administrator passwords will be safe, and you’ll be able to continue doing what you do best — serving the everyday IT needs of your clients.
Reasons to Partner.
Single pane of glass control panel.
Zero infrastructure to maintain (we’re 100% cloud).
Earn attractive margins.
Generate monthly recurring revenue.
Boost your ARPU.

Adds stickiness to every Office 365 seat sold

Honor your data protection SLA’s.
Transparent Pricing.
Unlimited storage & retention.
Low, per seat pricing — great value!.
No minimum purchases.
No set up fees.
No ingestion fees.
No export fees.
No user agent to download.
No hidden anything.
Channel Partner EQ.
You service small to medium-sized organizations.
You offer a variety of cloud services.

Your Office 365 seat sales are growing
Mitigating client risk & honoring SLAs is critical

You work with clients in regulated industries.
You’re running a MSP vs.
a lifestyle business.
Pain-Free Integrations.
Free NFR licenses.
Distributors (Ingram, D&H, Pax8, Logicom & more).
Dropsuite’s Automated Provisioning Platform.
Custom API’s.
OSA Integration with APS package.
Support For Success.
Dropsuite realizes partner support is critical to success.
Therefore we provide; responsive support (phone, email, system tickets), a Get Started Selling Kit, MDF funds and more.
Data Protection Products You Can Offer.
Office 365 Backup.
Securely backup.

Archive and recover your Office 365 emails

contacts, calendars & tasks, plus SharePoint, OneDrive & Teams.
EXPLORE >>                                              Email Archiving.
Email archiving for compliance and regulatory purposes.
Protect and manage e-communications for easy retrieval.

READ MORE >>                                              IMAP-POP Backup

Flexible, secure, fast, easy, and automated incremental backups for IMAP and POP email server protocol data with Dropsuite.

CONTINUE >>                                                      Gmail Backup

Protect your valuable G Suite Gmail messages with automatic backups, encrypted data, unlimited storage & retention, plus more.

SEE DETAILS >>                                              Website Backup
Get simply better website and database backup with Dropsuite Website Backup

Automated backups, blacklisting tools, 1-click restore.
LEARN HOW >>                                              Insights BI.
Insights BI adds actionable analytics and reporting to your email backup and archiving.
See data trends to help optimize business performance.
GO >>                                                                                                                                       Trusted by Leading Partners.
GO TO PARTNERS >>                                                                                                                                                             SEAN OBERHOLTZER Senior Manager at Deloitte (formerly Ingram)                         “Dropsuite delivers best-in-class solutions that accelerate business transformation and cloud success.”                                                                                                                                    Resources.
View All                                                              DATASHEETS.
View All                                                              INFOGRAPHICS.
View All                                                              WHITEPAPERS.
View All                                                              BLOG.
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Email Archiving.
G Suite Gmail Backup.
IMAP POP Backup.
Office 365 Backup.
Website Backup.
Case Studies.
White Papers  /  Reports.



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