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Features: Ocean Wonders (The digital book within a sphere)

Ocean Wonders.
Posted on March 24, .

2018 by   • 0 Comments User Interface -  9/10

Functionality -  10/10.
Inexhaustibility -  7.5/10.
9.1/10                                                  (9  votes)  Sending                                                                               Exploring the depths of the tropical reefs in the  Indian ocean  has never been as safe or easy as with Earth Matterz LLP’s iPad app Ocean Wonders.
A self enclosed educational app, .

Ocean Wonders proves itself to be a refreshing educational app for iOS tablet devices

While there is certainly plenty of  information  online, websites are riddled with ads (many not family friendly) and sometimes viruses.
There are also plenty of places on the web that are unsafe  for children  to venture into in general.
With Ocean Wonders, parents can rest easy knowing their children are free to explore the ocean of  information  in the app without stumbling across something vulgar, violent, or otherwise damaging.
The catch is that the app offers in-app  purchases .
Essentially, the app breaks down segments of  information  and topics into separate purchasable pieces ($1.99 each).

The “Open Ocean” mammals segment is purchasable

with other sections such as “Within the Reef” to come.
Despite  the price , the app is cheaper than a single book on the topic, even when all future segments are unlocked.
Ocean Wonders also has the exciting interactive component that’ll help keep kids  interested .
The 3D sphere  navigation  is both original and engaging.
This spherical UI and navigation provides a fun way to explore an  encyclopedia  on the tropical reefs in the Indian ocean and makes the app one that users will want to return to again and again.
An interesting and useful feature is the “rest your mind” section, which provides a nice break from learning with soft music and relaxing videos.
A “Sharpen your Mind” segment is planned for the future, as well.
While there is quite a bit of information to digest within the app, it is currently missing quite a few parts and thus the inexhaustibly suffers a bit.
All in all, tough, the app functions as intended, providing important and interesting information.
On top of this, the company’s mission to create awareness of how much humans need the oceans is a noble one.
Ocean Wonders does a wonderful job in simplifying learning on the topic of Indian Ocean reef life while making it more interactive than a traditional book. The app is well worth a download, and if you find the free section entertaining and useful, worth a reasonably priced in-app purchase or two..
Professional Graphics.

Original Navigation (3D Sphere)
Safe Information (No Internet or External ads)
In-app Purchases ($1.99 per section)
IPad Only (Not Phones – See list of Compatible Devices in Features)

Ocean Wonders – More than 75% of the earth is covered by ocean and only 4% of the planet’s oceans have been discovered.

Ocean plants contribute about 60-75% of the oxygen in the earths atmosphere

hence we cannot afford to ignore the existence of a symbiotic relationship between humans and the ocean today.
This helps understand a basic fact, we need the ocean as much as it needs us.
The solution is awareness.
Therefore, Earth Matterz LLP has created part 1 of its Educational Book Series entitled Ocean Wonders: Introduction to the Tropical reefs in the Indian Ocean, to raise awareness about the importance of keeping our oceans healthy and clean.
We hope to inspire a large audience, especially the the younger generation to help maintain healthy and clean oceans.

Ocean wonders is an educational (I Pad only) application series consisting of 5 parts

that aim to create awareness about the importance of our five oceans on earth.
It is an interactive tool to understand the importance of our marine ecosystems and how, along with providing us with more than 75% of the earths oxygen, they are worth millions of dollars when kept clean and alive.
Part 1 of the series provides information through a basic study of structure, function and inhabitants of tropical coral reefs, while highlighting the interconnectivity and natural history of life forms in the Indian Ocean.
Come and dive deep into the wonderful world of our blue planets dolphins, whales and other marine mammals and fish, to explore and study how they contribute to our species and the air we breath by simply being healthy and alive in their natural habitat.
Features: Ocean Wonders (The digital book within a sphere).

Simplifies the learning process (Helps the user to focus

grasp and enjoy at the same time without turning/swiping pages).
Today our so called “user journey” of each app, is as complicated as the mind who made it.
This application simplifies the user journey to the basics of 1-3 clicks to reach from point A to B, from anywhere in the app.
This allows the user to focus on learning and observing vs indulging in several clicks and screening through multiple pages to get to the right one.
Provides easy navigation.
Access to 500+ pages of content is available, all in one page in this app.
All 500+ pages have been made available within an index sphere, through artistic representations conceptualised into interactive 3D models, videos, illustrations, images, Maps and Quizzes.
Purchase app in parts- Ocean wonders can be downloaded section by section vs buying the whole app and paying for it all at once.
Non intrusive parental/personal health control.
Today, we as a species use screens of some sorts to get most of our information.
People of all ages are spending more hours focused on digital screens, their eyes are getting an exhausting endurance workout.
A non intrusive parental and health control system has been installed via which the viewer can rest their eyes, every 20 min.
At this point the user can take rest by listening to mediation music altered especially for learning, which is available in the G section(Rest Area) of the app OR by simply doing what they feel like away from the screen/or suggested by teachers in class.
Horizontal visualisation only.
In order to provide a focused and non interrupted experience we have considered the following.
No third party advertisements.
No part of the app allows the user to access the internet except google maps.
We do not download and collect any kind of personal data from our user.
About Earth Matterz LLP: Founded in 2017 Earth Matterz is an art edutainment company which focuses on creating awareness about the importance of our environment, specifically in the digital space.
About Water Matterz: Brand of Earth Matterz LLP Water Matterz is committed to educate and inspire humanity, by creating awareness through a basic study of our planets water ecosystems.
Please remember to rate our app to help us create this awareness.
Access to 500+ pages of content.
Digital book within a sphere.
Purchase app in parts.
No third party advertisements.
Does not collect any personal data from users.
Simplifies the learning process.
Provides easy navigation.

Compatible with:  iPad Air, iPad mini 2

iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 12.9”, iPad Pro 9.7”, iPad Pro (2017) 12.9”, iPad Pro (2017) 10.5”, and iPad (2017).
Download Ocean Wonders.
Download   QR-Code           ‎Ocean Wonders: Tropical Reef         Earth Matterz Edutainment LLP.
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