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with mixed individual and shared licenses … Read More


Category: Software Asset Optimization

Centralized Enterprise Licensing: Filtering Through Millions of Denials to Find Effective Denials.
By      on August 8.

2019               Going beyond software license monitoring… Altair SAO

our software license analytics solution, includes algorithms to analyze denials, categorize them, and ultimately identify “real” or “true” denials related to license count capacity.
Denials represent a penalty for not having adequate licenses, … Read More                               Beyond SAM: How to Optimize Your Software Assets.
By      on May 13, .

2019               Software sprawl can be a big problem for big organizations

With thousands, tens of thousands or more employees multiplied by the number of applications each of them uses — either periodically or every day, with mixed individual and shared licenses … Read More.
By      on November 9, 2015               Supercomputing 2015 (SC15) is the world’s premier conference for high performance computing, networking, data storage and analysis.
The conference provides a unique opportunity for vendors and research organizations to increase their visibility and connect with over 10,000 attendees from around …                                Altair SAO: Consolidated Reporting Across Multiple Vendors to Enable Right-sizing License Inventories.
By      on September 15, 2015               A common scenario encountered in many companies is the existence of many different license files from one software supplier with the same software features used by different vendor daemons.
For example, a company could acquire software licenses from one supplier … Read More                               Altair SAO: Handling Software Allocation Through Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions and Spin-offs.
By      on August 4.

2015               Corporate mergers

acquisitions and spin-offs are a common occurrence in the business world.
Since software investments and their management are a significant contributor to a company’s expenses and operational complexity, it is important to have a plan in place for … Read More                               Altair SAO: Application for the Oil & Gas Sector.
By      on March 24, 2015               Altair’s Software Asset Optimization (SAO) solution supports a wide range of license management systems that can handle most of the software used in the oil and gas industry.
The list of license managers includes FlexIm, Oracflex, Intergraph Smartplant, Sentinel RMS, .

Altair … Read More                               2015 PBS Works™ Webinar Series Begins
By Mary Bass     on February 23

2015               Altair PBS Works will be offering a 6-part webinar series starting with Software Asset Optimization: Right-Sizing Global Software Investments on February 25th at 9:00 AM EST and 1:00 PM EST. Responding to the popularity of the 2014 PBS Works Webinar Series, Altair experts … Read More                               Altair SAO: Identifying Usage Outliers.
By      on August 28, 2014               There are literally millions of software usage records collected by software asset optimization (SAO) over months or years.   The primary objective of SAO is to provide a number of objective usage metrics that help with rightsizing the software inventory.  When … Read More                               Altair SAO: Exploring Software Usage.
By      on July 1, 2014               A typical corporation that has implemented software asset optimization (SAO) has 100s or 1000s of features available for use.  However, based on what I have seen in over 25 SAO installations, .

Maybe about 30% of all the features are used … Read More                            2»

Software Asset Optimization.
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